Christian Pantle.  Skilled, Communicative, IT Professional.
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20 years’ experience in bringing “above and beyond” IT customer service, clear communication, and forward-thinking technology to successful organizations.  An enthusiastic IT leader whose main strengths include having excellent communication and documentation skills while still being extremely passionate and well versed in today’s cutting-edge technology.  The ability to manage teams by example with a crisp vision of the enterprise’s big picture needs.  Able to streamline and standardize workflow to drastically improve efficiency and cost savings.  Impeccable troubleshooting skills and a no-nonsense approach in solving complex IT problems.


Clear Communication ▪ Customer Service ▪ IT Team Leadership ▪ Workflow Improvement ▪ 3-2-1 Backups
Disaster Prevention ▪ Cost Control ▪ Research and Planning ▪ Testing ▪ Quality Control ▪ Project Management
User Education and Training ▪ IT Budget Management and Forecasting ▪ Vendor Management ▪ Consulting


IT Manager

6/2009 – current                       AGI, Abbie Gregg, Inc.              Tempe, AZ

Primary responsibilities include maintaining 100% uptime of all global employees and assets as well as all technology and servers within AGI’s office.  Secondary responsibilities are to advise the President and CFO and to “steer the ship” in regard to leveraging all technology within our reach to keep the company competitive in our space.  Under my care, AGI has been enabled to effectively deploy highly productive employees and contractors worldwide utilizing AGI technology assets.  I have enabled all employees to remain fully productive no matter their location while also keeping AGI and AGI clients’ IP and confidential data secured using products such as Exchange, Dropbox, OneDrive, VPN, LogMeIn, Bluebeam, and various Office 365 tools.  Over the years I have made many upgrades to the company’s technology including numerous upgrade cycles of day to day hardware as well as servers including migrating physical servers to VMware.  Proudest accomplishments have been keeping 100% uptime in my 10 years, resolving all backup problems left by predecessors, enabling extreme fault tolerance to our file systems, migrating our server environment to VMware, experiencing zero malware or ransomware attacks, removing all bottlenecks from our network, creating asset purchasing standards, as well as economically upgrading all hardware to increase overall company efficiency.  All while staying within an extremely cost-effective IT budget that I manage and forecast.

IT Manager
9/2008 – 6/2009                        Robert Kubicek Architects         Phoenix, AZ

I was responsible for the Microsoft based network and all technology located within the building.  Previously RKAA consisted of two offices connected via point to point T1.  Due to the recession, I later assisted in closing the satellite office and consolidated all resources.  Mission critical systems under my control included ISA, IIS, Exchange, Symantec Antivirus/Antispam, Active Directory, PIX, MS SQL, Inter-Tel phone system, multiple large format plotters, multiple color copiers, RAID 5 and RAID 1 file servers, NAS, tape offsite backup and email archiving.  Production software that required support includes AutoCAD, Revit, 3ds Max, Acrobat, Photoshop, Office, XP, etc.  Proudest accomplishments were repairing multiple servers left in disarray by predecessors.  There were broken RAID Arrays, hotwired power supplies, exposed cases, dangling power supplies, backup systems that had not run in months.  All repaired, replaced or corrected.  During my stay, I eliminated all need for external IT and telephone consultants saving the company thousands a month.  I was also Chairman of the Standards Committee.  The committee’s focus was to migrate the company from AutoCAD to Revit as well as deciding on and organizing all company standards related to technology, plotting and drafting.

IT Manager
8/2006 – 9/2008                        Dunstone Financial, L.L.C          Phoenix, AZ

Responsibilities included managing all IT projects, employees and interns in two call centers in Arizona and Florida.  The company consisted of 200 workstations and 20 servers.  Our department’s primary responsibility was maintaining uptime for all phones, workstations, databases, and servers. Other responsibilities included business automation, database administration, data mining, data-cleansing, -import and -export. This position also involved heavy use of SQL, Excel, Crystal Reports, ACCESS.  Other duties included management of 9 T1’s, 20 servers (Windows Server 2003, SQL, Access! Dialer, Sybase, Ubuntu), router administration, network security, content and URL filtering, NIDS, disaster recovery planning, email, file, and network encryption, Inter-tel phone system administration and call flow planning.  Proudest accomplishments were implementing open source solutions for everyday needs that saved the company hundreds of thousands of dollars. Some examples are Openfire (Jabber) as our internal and secure office messaging, Clonezilla for multicast deployment of desktop images, Ubuntu-based LAMP servers for intranet needs, internal helpdesk support system based on reverse VNC and in-house development of all SQL processes and data import tools.  Also transitioned the company towards becoming PCI compliant which aided in winning new business from a major credit union chain.  After starting with the company I was able to eliminate the need for all IT and Telco consultants which cut a huge yearly cost for the company.

Owner / Head Technician
11/2003 – 2007                         Onsite Computer Experts          Phoenix, AZ

OCE was responsible for all IT needs of no less than 25 small/medium sized businesses in the Valley.  OCE provided on-site deployment and support for everything technologically related to small business.  This included but was not limited to Microsoft / Linux servers, networks, voicemail, phone systems, websites, workstations, printing, digital imaging, email, low voltage cabling, and wireless networking and security.  I provided amazing customer service and a single point of responsibility for all technical issues.  OCE was sold to Valley Technologies L.L.C.

Part Owner / Manager
1/1999 – 2004                           Emerald Computers Inc             Glendale, AZ

Started as a level one tech and over time was promoted to head manager of the Metro and Biltmore locations.  I later negotiated a deal for part ownership.  At ECI I was in charge of overseeing production and manufacturing of servers and PCs that were sold to both wholesale and retail customers nationwide.  I also was in charge of creating standards and procedures that were implemented company-wide.  This included software images, PC assembly standards and procedures, training guidelines, mentoring and training, and day to day management of both retail locations.  I pioneered our IT service program for in-house and onsite customers resulting is far greater margins than hardware sales.  I set all of the ECI standards for advanced technical support and exceptional customer service.

Systems Hardware Analyst / Network Administrator
4/2001 – 7/2002                        Venserv Inc.                             Tempe, AZ

Responsible for the setup, imaging, support and repair of all local and remote workstations for their Windows 2000 network.  This included all software installs and modifications such as changes that require administrative privileges.  Creation and maintenance of the "IT HELP" mailbox to answer any and all support questions and used as a ticketing system.  Active directory maintenance including user and exchange admin.  Full support, alongside the developers, of their proprietary software named "VenStat".  Technical training and instruction for all employees.



Workstation / Hardware


Web / Misc

Azure Active Directory
Office 365 Hybrid Environments
Windows Server 2000 – 2012
Active Directory / Group Policy
Exchange / Exchange Online
Spam, malware, & phishing filtering, email security training
Terminal Server
MS SQL Server
SQL, Access, Sybase
Rack Builds & Management
Corporate Antivirus
Backups and recovery
Disaster prevention and recovery
Ubuntu Linux
Updates and patch management

Microsoft Windows
Ubuntu Linux
Mac OS X
Microsoft Office
Office 365
Advanced MS Excel
Employee Monitoring
Basic computer forensics
Ghost, Clonezilla
PC Branding, OPK Tools
PC Standardization
Disk Sanitation
Virus and malware removal and prevention
PC Design and Builds

Firewalls, Routers
LAN/WAN Management
Content Filtering
Secured wireless networks
Secured wireless mesh networks
Security Audits (PCI Compliance)
Secure File Centralization
File and print sharing
Low voltage cabling
Telco Vendor Management
Inter-Tel/Mitel Phone System Management
Call Center Predictive Dialer
(ACCESS!, Intel Dialogic based)

Remote Admin tools (LogMeIn Central, TeamViewer, VNC, RDP, etc.)
Web development and design
CSS, HTML, WordPress
Light PHP
Adobe Creative Suite
Data Mining, Queries, and reports using SQL, Excel, Access and Crystal Reports
Training classes and workshops
Microsoft Teams

Additional Info:

My strongest skill is the ability to learn and adapt quickly in any environment.  When I combine this with excellent troubleshooting, superb communication, a concise big picture view of the business, and a thorough understanding of the technology industry, I am confident that I will be able to drive even more success in your company.  Undoubtedly I will better augment your organization through technology, improve user satisfaction, improve workflow, and lower costs.  As a former business owner, I take an entrepreneur's approach to my work by making every penny count without compromising productivity.  As my references will confirm, in addition to my warm and personable demeanor, my holistic approach to IT has improved each company that I’ve had to pleasure to assist.


Numerous letters of recommendations and references available upon request.

Community Service:

I run DESERTBASH which is a computer gaming charity event benefitting children’s charities.  DESERTBASH is the Arizona chapter of LAN-Fest and is sponsored by Intel.  DESERTBASH donates all funds to Child’s Play, the Shriners Hospitals for Children, and the Valley of the Sun United Way.  In my time in charge of DESERTBASH, I have been able to drastically cut expenses, run more frequent events, and raise more net charity than all other national chapters by running smaller events with much less overhead.  My goal has always been to put the charity first while having outstanding gaming events and tournaments.  The model that I created convinced LAN-Fest national to focus not only on extremely large events but also community building, smaller, and more intimate events that can be held more frequently.  LAN-Fest has raised $1MM+ for children’s charities.  In addition to charity giving, DESERTBASH also mentors and trains many aspiring network and server administrators by training them how to run complex, mission-critical servers and networks during events.


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